Urthemusicbiz x DressHead Midi dress

Urthemusicbiz x DressHead Midi dress – Bow Front / Plunge Neckline / Midi

This urthemusicbiz x www.dresshead.com/c/midi-dresses clothing will soon become the dress you reach for as you scan your closet for the perfect outfit. You will love the over all flowing appearance of this fabulous midi dress. The deep plunge neckline ties at the bottom for a bow front appearance which is quite enchanting. The midi length of the skirt plays perfectly with the elegant and classy look of this chic and fashionable dress. The slim fit hugs the bust line and flows on down to a perfectly cut hemline. The short sleeves are cut out as one with the dress. This garment is easy to care for and completely machine washable. This midi dress is hot and sexy and reeks of good taste at the same time.

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