URTheMusicBiz.com is community.  A meeting of the minds where creativity is shared and opinions are voiced.  Discussions on themes from the modern world of music and the triumphant yet sordid history of rap music and hip-hop culture.

UTRMB will be talking to the brightest players in today’s music industry, artists making their mark in the game and creative individuals from around the world who have been influenced and touched by this global phenomenon that grew out of Bronx block parties and spread globally carrying the sentiment and message of an entire generation.

We’re looking for thoughts and opinions… tales from the pros, stories of artists making their way in the business and the pitfalls they’ve hit , as well as  the lessons they’ve learned.  Do you have  a question about how to make your way into the exclusive rap world? Some advice to give the next wave of rap moguls and industry tycoons? Just an amazing memory about the way things used to be or a fantastic vision for the future of rap music? Follow the Blog, – Like us on Facebook – Follow us at Twitter.com/URTheMusicBiz – There will be engaging conversations, opportunities to share your own creativity and contests to flex your musical knowledge for some great prizes.  As well, Get@URTheMusicBiz.com with your stories and thoughts. We are always looking for new contributors and exciting ideas for stories.

This online community, exploring these themes of hip hop culture and rap industry, is an extension of The Mu$ic Biz, a brand new mobile gaming app now available to download on iTunes


TMB offers the chance to start a music empire from the ground-up. Signing and developing artists, creating and choosing the hit songs that take your roster to the top of the charts. Stay posted for sneak peaks at the game and much more info.

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